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Welcome to the platform for volunteer work of the municipality of Oosterhout. Would you like to help someone or do you need help yourself? We collect supply and demand both online and physically in our volunteer shop.

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The dining room of Oosterheide is looking for helping hands! #YOUNG

Are you between 15 and 27 years old and do you have a few hours to spare on Wednesday evening? Come lend a hand in the Dining Room. Every Wednesday evening Eugene Springer provides a tasty, healthy and good meal for a small amount in the Bunthoef activity center. #YOUNG

Green fingers? Grow a garden

The leaves are starting to fall again. The world suddenly looks completely different. However, the autumn weather also has a downside. Weeding and pruning need to be done again. If you are older or have physical limitations, maintaining your garden becomes difficult or sometimes even impossible. Are you willing to roll up your sleeves on a one-off basis?

Automatje is looking for drivers....


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Most volunteers in Oosterhout, Den Hout, Dorst and Oosteind are asked for the following volunteer work:

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Oosterhoutvoorelkaar is part of the national network of NLvoorelkaar. Together with all other NLvoorelkaar marketplaces, we try to make as many people in the Netherlands happy as possible.