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Profile picture of Lucia

Offer from Lucia


I like to do things and be among people. I would like to help during an activity or go out with someone.

Profile picture of Anja

Offer from anja


to be useful to others!!! walking, cycling, swimming, shopping, somewhere for a drink!

Profile picture of Femke

Offer from Femke


It's always nice to be able to make a difference in someone's day! Have reached a point where there is again some space to help or supp...

Profile picture of Ine

Ine .'s offer


I am Ine, 55 years old, mother of 3 adult children. Stopped working (technical background) when oldest was born. Helped a lot at school...

Profile picture of Musa

I can help


I want to help. I can help people in many ways to make them happy. Do-it-yourself and technical work, garden and nature work, computer...

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Profile picture of Jasper

Offerings from Jasper


Because I can't and can't work fully, I want to contribute an extra bit to oosterhout or neighborhoods around it I myself work as a ...

Profile picture of Citytrainer #YOUNG

Young and talented? Become a city trainer!

Citytrainer #YOUNG

You must be busy? You divide your time between friends, school, hobbies, free time and in the meantime you also have to think about you...

Too much choice? Find a match faster using the filters

Profile picture of Bianca

Every Tuesday Lunch at New Day

Actief Zorg

From Thursday 1 September we have new extended opening hours! Tuesday from 09:30 - 16:00 Thursday 09:30 – 13:00 Friday 13:00...

Profile picture of Bianca

American breakfast at New Day

Actief Zorg

Round 3!! Thursday, September 29 at 09:30 What do we do? In the Netherlands, an 'American Party' is an American party in which every...

Profile picture of Daniela

Offerings from Daniela


Why do I want to volunteer? Because I am social and helpful and I really want to mean something to someone else.

Profile picture of Nikki

Offerings from Nikki


I am Nikki 35 years old, I live in Oosterhout with my boyfriend and son. Recently I started working part-time, which means that I have ...

Profile picture of Frans

Supply of French


Nice to be able to do something for society. Volunteering and thus contact with others also give me structure and satisfaction.

Profile picture of Jolanda

Jolanda's offer


I have enough free time and want to spend it usefully through volunteer work. I would like to mean something to others. I am especially...

Profile picture of Rob

Offerings from Rob


I would like to be a Buddy of someone with a physical disability. Doing fun things together, going out, on a terrace, eating out, watch...

Profile picture of Nynke

Nynke .'s offer


hey! I'm Nynk. 15 years old and is a Frencken and is doing havo here. And I'm very enthusiastic and don't like to sit still. So I like ...

Profile picture of Team

The coffee is ready!


Would you like to volunteer or are you looking for a volunteer? Then come along to the consultation hour of Oosterhoutvoorelkaar, Arend...

Profile picture of Carla

Offer from Carla


I have been working in mental health care since 1987. I have done residential counseling and day care. I now work 28 hours a week and I...

Profile picture of Ron

Volunteering wanted


Hello, I'm Ron and I'm from Oosterhout I am looking for fun volunteer work in oosterhout. You can send me an email and I will respon...

Profile picture of Bianca

New day

Actief Zorg

Nieuwe Dag offers free drop-in moments. It concerns a free walk-in for a piece of leisure, meaning, etc. But above all to meet and conn...

Profile picture of Rian

Offer from Rian


Due to personal circumstances it has become more difficult for me to have a permanent job. Am also a caregiver for my husband. Yet I h...

Profile picture of Sandrijn

Do you want to practice Dutch online?

Bibliotheek Theek5

Help with learning the Dutch language. - You meet up with your language buddy once a week - You practice together for 26 weeks online...

Profile picture of Andreas Johan

Enterprising types wanted

Andreas Johan

I would like to go out a bit more often; a terrace, a museum, a game of billiards or cycling. But it's pretty boring on your own. So I'...

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