Animal buddy & volunteers (The whole of the Netherlands)

Animal buddy & volunteers (The whole of the Netherlands)

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What is an animal buddy?
Not everyone has family or friends (i.e. an animal buddy) who can step in to help when the need arises. Especially if an owner is temporarily unable to care for their own animal, for example the elderly who are suddenly confronted with illness or other physical discomfort, which may cause them to be housebound for some time. They are rightly concerned when they cannot walk their dog, or are temporarily unable to provide another pet with the care it needs. There are many people with a small budget who cannot afford a walking service or care for a pet. Of course they want their pet to continue to receive the proper care. A helping hand from people in your own neighbourhood, a temporary animal buddy, can be very welcome. The daily activities that require support include walking a dog or, for example, walking along when walking because someone has difficulty walking. Or, for example, help with cleaning the litter box, rabbit hutch or bird cage.

By registering animal buddies, the BVDD foundation tries to create a large coverage area in the Netherlands so that everyone can make use of an animal buddy, if desired. Volunteers who register as a temporary buddy do so without any obligation and do not have any agreement with the BVDD foundation. The BVDD only mediates in the search for a care provider by providing the care recipient with the data of providers known to it.

This project has several objectives:
Not only is the animal helped with good care. Also, the fact that someone doesn't have to worry about her or his pet takes away a lot of worries, allowing people to quickly get back on their feet.

Providing help is incidental.
We do not know from which corner of our country and at what time an application for support comes in. If possible, the foundation refers the care recipient to a volunteer who lives in the area, so that the caretaker can make contact with a provider. This is only possible if enough people are registered in that environment.

Registration is without obligation.
We are looking for volunteers from all parts of the country who are willing to offer help on request, so that the applicant can make a choice.

How do you become an animal buddy and what do you need to know?
Sign up as an animal buddy for a temporary period! Please note: aid is not on a structural basis, but only temporary emergency aid. Once an application has been made, it is the intention that the volunteer and the care recipient make good agreements with each other, including with regard to any financial compensation. In the unlikely event that the assistance is deviated from, the foundation would also like to hear from you. In this way she can update her list of volunteers/care recipients.
In the event of a request, we advise that, for example, an acquaintance of the care recipient or social worker is present at the meeting. Safety and a good click with a volunteer is important for the applicant. 'A good neighbor is better than a distant friend' and it is therefore recommended that the care recipient requests a VOG statement from the volunteer.

Volunteer registration.
Volunteers who want to offer help to owners with a pet in temporary need on an incidental basis and in their own neighbourhood/neighborhood, can sign up using the form below. As soon as we have received your application, we kindly ask you to fill in a registration form via our website. You can find it here.
If we have received a request for help, we will contact a volunteer who lives in the district/neighborhood of the care recipient (based on zip code). It is important to make good agreements with the care recipient about the incidental and temporary emergency help that is offered by the volunteer.

We are also looking for volunteers for our match team Ukraine. For this vacancy it is best to look at our joint page of [website hidden]

Volunteers who register must be in possession of Personal Liability Insurance (AP) and be 18 years or older.

Stichting Blijdschap Voor De Dieren and its team are in no way responsible for the performance of tasks and mutual agreements between the volunteer and care recipient. We cannot be held liable for damage in any form whatsoever, which damage can occur to either the applicant or the service provider.

Help us, become an Animal Buddy, sign up here or register via our website.

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