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Gilze en Rijen
Theek 5 Library is a large library organization with libraries in the municipalities of Baarle-Nassau, Dongen, Drimmelen, Geertruidenberg, Gilze en Rijen and Oosterhout.

The number "5" in the organization name represents the library's five core functions:
1. the library as a warehouse of knowledge and information;
2. the library as a center for development and education;
3. the library as an encyclopedia of art and culture;
4. the library as a source of inspiration for reading and literature;
5. the library as a platform for meeting and debate.

To ensure that our services run smoothly, we like to work with volunteers who act as hostess or hosts or with volunteers who visit people for our Book Service at home who are unable to come to the library for a longer or shorter period of time.
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