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Accessibility statement

The accessibility statement is used by Social Care Network and applies to all online marketplaces within our network. These are the national platform of NLvoorelkaar and all local websites , the partners we work with.
Social Care Network strives to make its own online information and services accessible, in accordance with the Temporary Government Digital Accessibility Decree.

This accessibility statement applies to the content of the website NLvoorelkaar that falls within the scope of the Temporary Government Digital Accessibility Decree.

NLvoorelkaar and all online marketplaces within our network comply with the Temporary Government Digital Accessibility Decree.

The accessibility label of NLvoorelkaar. Follow the link for the accessible version of this label.

Explanation Accessibility label:

Social Care Network's mission is to connect as many people and organizations as possible with a request for help and a help offer and to recruit as many volunteers as possible for this purpose. The investments to make the site more accessible on a number of points towards an A label and the possible harm to the above mission do not outweigh the benefits of this specific adaptation for people with a disability.
It goes without saying that Social Care Network offers a suitable alternative for people with disabilities. Those who need support in reading certain texts or filling in certain fields can contact our helpdesk for assistance.

Substantiation of accessibility claim:

Inspection of the website has been carried out by Cardan Technobility. Cardan Technology is authorized to inspect the international (WCAG 2.1) and European (EN 301 549) accessibility guidelines for the Hallmark

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